IFMGA Mountain Guide

To gain IFMGA status through the NZMGA, you must meet the following requirements::

  • NZMGA Ski Guide status
  • NZMGA Climbing Guide status
  • A minimum of three years must have elapsed since Assistant Guide status was granted
  • A maximum of five years since the first, 14 Day Assessment of either Ski or Climb pathways.

Ski Pathway Prerequisites Climbing Pathway Prerequisites Ski 2 Prerequisites Tech Ski Course Exam Rock Exam 4 Day Ski Guide Training Course 6 Day Snow & Ice Guiding Training Course 4 Day Rock Guiding Training Course 14 Day Level 2 Ski Assessment Course 14 Day Level 1 Ski Training/Assessment Course 14 Day Level 1 Climbing Training Assessment Course 14 Day Level 2 Climbing Assessment Course Climbing 2 Prerequisites


This is the highest level of qualification awarded by the NZMGA and is the only mountain guide qualification recognised throughout all IFMGA nations.

IFMGA Mountain Guides are self regulating, independent leaders and through the network of IFMGA nations, greatly enhance the public experience in mountain travel.

Only IFMGA Mountain Guides may display the carnet.
Click for Application Information and Procedure and to download the Application Form 
Log Exemplar Download as well