Climbing Guide Level 2 Prerequisites

To be allocated a place on a Climbing Guides Level 2 Course, you must have met the following criteria:

- New Zealand resident or have a current work permit.
- Have Assistant Climbing Guide status.
- A minimum of two climbing seasons must have been worked since Assistant Climbing Guide status has been granted and no more than five years elapsed since the Level 1 Course.
- Minimum 30 quality supervised days climbing guiding work since attaining Assistant Climbing Guide status.

At least 7 of the quality supervised days must have been under direct supervision of an IFMGA Guide or NZMGA Climbing Guide. Three of these days must be ascents under direct supervision.
Minimum 15 of the 30 quality supervised days of guiding work must have taken place in New Zealand.

- Written recommendation from two IFMGA Mountain Guides or 1 IFMGA and 1 NZMGA Climbing Guide. One of these guides must have worked with the candidate and been an active supervising guide for that candidate in the previous 12 months.
- Avalanche Course Level 2.
- Current PHEC qualification  (40 hours).
- Paid a deposit of $500 to the NZMGA.
- Current financial membership of NZMGA or other IFMGA membership country.
- A written record or logbook must be presented on application as proof that experience and supervision requirements have been met.

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