Alpine Trekking Guide

Alpine Trekking Guide

Is able to lead groups up to and through sub alpine walking terrain (maximum grade 1 Logan) where permanent snow may be encountered and where risk minimisation may require the use of the rope.

May guide in all other non-glaciated terrain where the skills of alpinism are required, but where a rope would not normally expect to be used.

Alpine Trekking Guides may also directly assist Climbing and IFMGA Mountain Guides on névé walks.

There are specific geographic limitations currently in place for Alpine Trekking Guides.


Prerequisites                                                Courses                                          Qualification    

Alpine Trekking Guide Pathway Prerequisites 6 Day Snow & Ice Guiding Training Course 6 Day Level 1 Alpine Trekking Guide Assessment Course Alpine Trekking Guide Level 2 Prerequisites 6 Day Level 1 Alpine Trekking Guide Assessment Course


Alternative Pathway


Note: The 5 logged days must be relevant to Alpine Trekking Guide Terrain. Application to be made to the Technical Sub-Committee.