Supervised Days

General Information about Supervised Work Experience

Supervised work experience is an important and integral part of the Training and Certification Programme.

To progress from Level 1 to Level 2 in the programme, certain supervised work experience requirements must be met before guides under training can move on.

NZMGA expects all guides in its training programme to work within the Professional Guidelines and the Terrain Guidelines and to keep a work record in the logbook provided.

Supervising Guides must be IFMGA or an NZMGA Ski, Climbing, or Hard Ice Guide, and the supervision must be within their own discipline.

All guides in training must work under the supervision of either an IFMGA Guide or NZMGA Ski, Climbing, or Hard Ice Guide within their specialist discipline.

Supervision may be direct or indirect.

Direct supervision occurs when the Supervising Guide is in a position to oversee guiding activities throughout the day, that is, they are in close visual or verbal contact with the guide under supervision.

Indirect supervision occurs when the Supervising Guide assumes professional responsibility for the Assistant but is not physically present when the work takes place.

In this case the Supervising Guide must be directly involved in selecting the assignments given to the assistant guide and be in a position to offer guidance and feed back on work undertaken by the Assistant

Please refer to the
Professional,Terrain & Supervision Guidelines(.pdf download) for details.