ATG Level 2 Course

Alpine Trekking Guide Level 2 Course

*  5 days directly supervised trekking guiding
* 10 days indirect supervision
Supervisor is ATG Level 2 or NZMGA Climbing Guide or IFMGA Mountain Guide

Course Outline:
Participants may be assessed on any topic of the Alpine Trekking Guide syllabus at any stage of the course and will be required to teach and supervise revision sessions and practical exercises.

It is expected that only minimal training will need to be given in any topic.

Level 2 participants are expected to have a sound knowledge of alpine trekking guiding techniques and to be able to teach the techniques to participants on their Level 1 Course.

Level 2 participants will be assessed on their:
• General Alpine Trekking guide skills.
• Application and teaching of Alpie Trekking guiding techniques in a lead guide role.
• Leadership roles in team situations and ability to provide quality feedback to other course participants.

On successfully passing an Alpine Trekking Guide Level 2 Course and ratification by the Technical Subcommittee, the participant attains the status of NZMGA Alpine Trekking Guide.

Content, location, timing, and length:
As per
ATG Level 1