Course Fees and Insurance

Course Fees and Insurance:

A booking on an NZMGA course is only valid when:
- A deposit of $NZ500 has been paid to the NZMGA.
- All course prerequisites have been met to the Training Officer’s satisfaction.
- Valid applications are usually accepted in chronological order.
   There may be some adjustments at the discretion of the Training Officer.

Application Closing Date:
Applications for courses close 8 weeks before the course date. Late applications (if space available) accepted only if FULL payment is included with the Application.

Course fees are set by the course director assisted by the Administrative Officer and the Training Officer. They are payable in full seven weeks before the course starts.

Deposits and course fees are otherwise non-refundable.  Should a candidate withdraw outside 7 weeks before the course starts the deposit may be held over, but for the next available course only.

The course budget is to be set for the course to run on a non-profit basis after a levy (set by the Committee) is made to cover the cost of the Training Officer and administration expenses. Costs are therefore not finalised until approximately 2 months before the course date. For 2015/16 an indicative cost is $NZ310 per day. Short course costs include both access and evening meals; longer courses (14 days) include access only. Food preparation is an assessable item on these longer courses so candidates are expected to supply the food they will prepare for course members.
Participants on their first NZMGA Guide Assessment Course are charged the course fee plus the following*:
- A levy to cover NZMGA badges.
- An NZMGA subscription. This will apply to the current year unless the course occurs within six months of the end of the financial year (31 March) in which case only half the annual subscription is charged.
*These extra charges are refunded if the participant does not pass the course.

Full payment is due seven weeks before course date. On this date the decision to run the course is made. In the unlikely event a course is cancelled, a full refund will be made. Any applicant who has not paid, or withdraws from the course after this date acknowledges that they MUST pay the course fees in full.

Insurance Cover
To protect yourself against unexpected events where you may be forced to withdraw from the course we strongly recommend loss of deposits insurance cover.
The NZAC offers a recommended policy which  covers the course fee paid up to a maximum of $5,000 exclusive of GST for any unforeseen circumstance (as defined in the policy) that prevents your attending the course. See: