Scholarships and Awards

 Rab Scholarship

The NZMGA is thrilled to announce that our principal clothing supplier, Rab, is the sponsor of scholarships to a total value of $2000 per annum. A maximum of two scholarships will be awarded per year. The successful applicant(s) will have this amount credited towards their next Level 1 Assessment Course.

Pre-requisite: Must have completed a Snow and Ice Guide Training Course.
Closing Date: 31 March each year.
Announcement Date: Annual General Meeting.
Application Process:  Applicants should complete the application form  and email the form and any supporting documentation to

Rab Application Form


2014 Taichiro Naka
2015  David Lewis
2015 Peter Whitworth
2016 Anna Loomes
2017 Lewis Ainsworth


NZMGA Level 2 Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to the top student on Level 1 Alpine Trekking Guide, Climbing Guide and Ski Guide Assessments. No application is needed. The winners are announced at the Annual General Meeting.


  Climb Ski Alpine Trekking Guide 
2011 Penny Goddard Jane Morris  
2012       Andy Tindall Adam Darragh and Andy Tindall  
2013 Elke Braun-Elwert     Karen Corcoran  
2014 no award Dave Lundin  Craig Buckland
2015 no award Tom Willmott  Paul Stevens
2016 Taichiro Naka Pete Whitworth Kirsten Chalmers


NZMGA Hard Ice Guide Scholarship

This scholarships is awarded to the top student on Hard Ice Guide Assessments each year. No application is needed. The winner is announced at the Annual General Meeting.


2013 Tyler Bieneman
2014 Dale Burrows
2015 Anna Loomes
2016 Bia Boucinhas


 Hiddlestone Scaife IFMGA Scholarship

This scholarship is for the final IFMGA Assessment Course. Full details can be found here.

Andy Harris Award

The Andy Harris Trophy - initiated by the NZMGA and Andy Harris’s parents, Ron and Mary, to remember Andy.

Andy lost his life on Everest in 1996 whilst attempting to save the lives of Rob Hall and Andy Hanson who were stranded near the top of the mountain, late in the day, and with approaching bad weather.

Andy was an outstanding young man full of an exuberance for life that was infectious to those whose paths he crossed.

In 2009 the NZMGA felt it was prudent to recognise Andy, and those values he stood for, by a trophy that is presented on an annual basis for outstanding and significant contribution to guiding, in recognition of the qualities that Andy characterised - commitment, bravery and spirit.

The criteria for the award are intended to be broad-based, to ensure we remember Andy, and also recognise those guides who extol the positive values of the guiding community.

The award does not need to be given for any one particular event, or even specifically for bravery, but commitment, spirit and contribution to guiding would be recognised.

The members of the Association are asked to nominate a person each year, at the first notice of AGM.  The committee then votes on the nominees and has the trophy engraved with the person’s name prior to the AGM.

At the AGM a member of the committee, or delegate, will describe why the person was selected, what they have brought to guiding, and why they have earned the award. It is hoped that Andy will be remembered through the delivery of the award.


2009 Gary Kuehn
2010 James Hamilton and Paul Rogers
2011 Bryan Carter
2012 Marty Schmidt
2013 Not Awarded
2014 Gary Dickson
2015 Russell Brice and Guy Cotter
  2016 Whitney Thurlow