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Aspirant Guide

A member who has been issued by the NZMGA this internationally recognised level of training - having met the required minimum 50 group structured days of training as per the IFMGA common platform 2009. The training involves both ski and climb guide training.

The IFMGA nations recognise the value of guides in training being exposed to a variety of experiences and aspirants are encouraged to work internationally under a programme of supervision.

If working in Europe, Aspirant Guides must always work under direct IFMGA supervision as per the rules of each IFMGA member country the Aspirant Guide may wish to work in.

The NZMGA encourages guides of this status to seek work internationally, provided that they operate within the specific terrain or professional limitations of the IFMGA host countries.

Foreign Aspirant Guides working in New Zealand are subject to the NZMGA Terrain, Supervision and Professional Guidelines.  This requires
Aspirants working in New Zealand to be bound by the same terrain limitations as an Assistant Guide in each specialised field.