Ice Climbing at Ailsa Stream (Photo: Gavin Lang) 1

Ice Climbing at Ailsa Stream (Photo: Gavin Lang)

Ice Climbing

The Southern Alps are renown for their high levels of glaciation and classic snow and ice climbs. In winter, when the temperatures and snowline drops, lower altitude and readily accessible mountains provide stunning playgrounds for ice and mixed climbing - frozen waterfalls, pillars and curtains of ice.  Popular venues include Wye Creek and the Remarkables, Black Peak, the Darrans, Bush Stream and the volcanoes of Tarankai and Ruapehu on the North Island. With an adventurous spirit endless opportunities await in remote valleys tucked away in the Southern Alps. 

NZ Mountain Guides are experts in ice and mixed climbing. Modern innovations in ice climbing equipment, such as mono-point crampons and leash-less ice tools, have propelled ice climbing into an activity in it's own right and not just preparation for the tackling major alpine summits. 

When you climb ice with a guide, their knowledge of local conditions will maximise your chances of success in this ephemeral world. Your guide can lead you through your first steps into this environment, instruct you the in skills required to safely tackle future independent climbs and coach your technique to push onto more difficult routes. NZ Mountain Guides can make your ice climbing experience even better.