Barron Saddle (Photo: Gideon Geerling) 1

Barron Saddle (Photo: Gideon Geerling)

Alpine Trekking Guide

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Alpine Trekking Guides (ATGs) are able to lead and instruct groups up to and through non-glaciated trekking terrain where permanent or seasonal snow may be encountered as well as hard ice areas of lower glaciers. The use of a rope is not expected and the basic skills of alpinism may be required. These include: use of ice axe, self arrest and crampon techniques.

Some examples of terrain where in certain conditions the ATG skills and training would be suitable:

  • Three Pass trip (Arthurs Pass);

  • Mueller Hut, Mt Wakefield, Mt Sebastopol  (Aoraki Mount Cook National Park);

  • Cascade Saddle, Rabbit Pass, up to Brewster Glacier, (Mount Aspiring National Park);

  • Ruapehu, Tongariro, Taranaki (Tongariro and Taranaki National Parks).

This qualification can be completed as part of the following pathways:

NZMGA Alpine Trekking Guide Pathway